Our Story

Welcome to our farm! We live on 5 acres in the beautiful Texas Hill Country! When we bought this land we knew we wanted somewhere that our boys could run and play and be kids.  We had NO idea we would be living on a small farm just two short years later.  We first got chickens, aka "the gateway animal" when we moved here and had a steep learning curve- we lost them all and had to start over. We have since started over and have many egg layers, four Nigerian Dwarf goats, one boar goat, a rabbit, and two dogs! Life is truly better on the farm!

Our Vision

Like many others these days, we are on a path to sustainable living.  We love the idea of organic-ish (we do not feed all organic feed), non-GMO (always), free-range protein.  We believe that all of God's creatures, big and small, should be treated humanely.  We strive to give our animals the best life possible while they are here, in turn producing the best quality of meat that can be eaten. Our goal is to provide for our family and friends.  If we were able to produce enough to share with our community, that would be a bonus!  We are no experts, however, as we grow and learn, we are happy to share our experience through our blog.  Check the blog often for information we have learned!

Our Business

We are in the business, primarily, of goats.  Yes, we love and raise (and even blog about) chickens, pigs, sheep, and whatever else our kids want (the latest addition is our rabbit), however, our goats are probably the favorite (don't tell the others!). All of our goats (except one) are ADGA registered.  We love the Nigerian Dwarf breed for their small size, their high butter-fat content, and their calm dispositions.

Our goats serve so many purposes- they help us keep the brush cleared, the lawn mowed (even though they are really browsers, not grazers), provide us milk to drink, make cheese, and soap, AND provide an outlet for our children to show and become a part of something larger than our small, 5-acre farm.  The opportunities it affords them also teaches them about sustainable, healthy living while providing an opportunity to serve others. We do a lot of preaching and teaching about faith, service, and leadership in our home (I mean LOTS!), and on a very small scale, the goats provide an opportunity for all of that.  We are always looking for joy in the journey and we hope we can help you find joy in your own journey!

And...all of these beautiful animals belong to us. Aren't they adorable?

Updated December 18, 2018

Meet the Team

Meet the people who make this all possible, our family.  It is important to us that our boys develop a strong work ethic.  We all work hard and we also play hard.  God has blessed us with a wonderful family!


Founder & CEO

I love Jesus, my family, and my friends.  I am an Educational Therapist at my "real job" and love working with kids.  I am proud to be a Texas gal and enjoy reading and traveling in my free time when I am not working on "the farm".


Vice President and #1 Worker

John makes the vision come to life. He rarely takes a day off and keeps the place running smoothly. He is a hard worker and best of all, he works for free!

The Boys

Future Farmers

Here is the reason we do it all, our boys.  They help in all of the daily aspects of taking care of the animals from feeding to cleaning.  They sometimes complain about the daily chores, but we know they will be better people as a result.  You are welcome future daughters-in-law!