HCF Animals

Nigerian Dwarf Goats (Dairy Goats)

We love our goats! We raise registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  Most of our goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association and come from a proven milking line.  We do have some goats that are not registered that we cannot bear to let go because they are such great milkers despite not having papers.  If you are interested in purchasing a goat, all of the information is listed on these pages.  Thank you for looking!


All of our bucks are ADGA registered.  They are from proven lines and we have had great luck with them producing great babies.


Most of our does are ADGA registered.  The goats that are not ADGA registered, we keep, because they are still great little milkers.

Babies for Sale

As of June 2018, we do not have any babies for sale, but keep checking as I am currently breeding!