We are so excited to add this little guy to our herd! We think he will really be something special.  We received him when he was only days old, and he is a sweet, sweet bottle baby. (I actually think he thinks he is a dog!) We have affectionately renamned him "Bucky" mainly because he is so spunky and can do some MAJOR jumps in the air!

His Sire is ZanZaBeez BW Bluemoon and his Dam is Carrheart Star Anise. We are expecting great things from this combo!

Carrheart Star Anise

DOB: 3.12.15

Carrheart Star Anise Udder

Bucky's mom's udder

Zan Za Beez BW Bali Bluemoom

DOB: 2.12.15


This little guy is a beauty! I cannot wait to breed him! His sire is Texas Marigolds' SunAlex Cross and his Dam is Lost Valley TM Princess Layla.  He is dark gold with frosted ears and random white spots.  He was born on December 10, 2017, and we got him when he was only a few days old.  He is the sweetest thing. He follows you around where ever you go! We are expecting great things from him! (And... he smiles for the camera!)

Lost Valley TM Princess Layla

DOB: 3.29.11  From the breeder, "Layla is a very powerful doe with a very well attached udder, although she lacks in capacity. I have her daughter Nevaeh retained in my herd. Nevaeh has proven her worth in the show ring by being my first doe to win Grand Champion!" (Neveah is Goldies Mom).

Show Record: 1 x RsCH Senior 

Lost Valley TM Princess Layla


Texas Marigolds' Sunflower Cross

No picture available.

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